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Due to the problem of obesity in Arkansas, exercise and diet regimens are more important than ever. Providing the thousands of obese and at-risk Arkansas residents with helpful tips to lose weight is part of BAPTIST HEALTH's dedication to public wellness. This guide to improving diet and exercise will start you on the track to losing weight and developing healthier eating habits.

Diet and Exercise Online Tools

BAPTIST HEALTH provides you with the tools essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This includes developing a wellness program that combines Arkansas exercise and diet routines with other helpful tips to lose weight.

Arkansas Exercise
  • What's my healthy weight? Use our The first step to healthy living is determining your ideal weight range using our online calculator. To help achieve your goal, follow our top ten tips for weight loss success.
  • How can I eat a healthier diet? Slimming down to a healthier weight means improving your diet. Use our free recipes and healthy tips to lose weight to create delectable dishes that will drop pounds. If dining out is your thing, request our BAPTIST HEALTH Fast Food Guide so that you can eat healthy no matter where you are. Additionally, follow these weight-watching eating tips and use The Food Pyramid for the best results.
  • How much exercise do I need? Of course, proper nutrition is only half the solution; the other half involves finding an exercise routine that suits you and your needs. BAPTIST HEALTH's Get Moving will help you choose an Arkansas exercise program that you'll benefit from and enjoy. BAPTIST HEALTH also provides additional information on cycling, running and walking. Use our helpful Calorie Burn Rate Calculator to figure out how many calories you'll lose with various forms of exercise.
  • How can I get more health information? Sign up for our Healthy Living Newsletter to receive additional healthy tips to lose weight, recipes, videos and more right to your inbox.

Is Weight loss surgery right for me?
If diet and exercise programs haven't delivered significant results, you may be a candidate for weight loss surgery. Speak to your physician before deciding whether surgery is the right approach for you. Get the facts on weight loss surgery options at BAPTIST HEALTH and then contact us for a personal consultation.

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