The future of surgery is here, and it can make your knee and hip pain history.

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What our patients say:

"My knee pain doesn't hold me back anymore. I'm able to do the things that make me happiest again."


"This new procedure changed everything for me. I haven’t been able to enjoy my life like this in a long time."


Meet Mako

The Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery System, the only robotic system currently available for joint replacement surgery, brings leading technology to both partial and total knee replacement and hip replacement procedures. Mako decreases cost and recovery time getting you back to your life faster.

The Model of Precision

This innovative system allows for greater consistency and precision throughout the procedure – all while being less invasive to the patient. Utilizing three-dimensional scanning and alignment, the Mako robotic system creates a customized map of your knee or hip. The result is perfectly accurate alignment.

A Blueprint for Success

The Mako system generates an entire pre-operative plan before the procedure begins allowing your surgeon to perform the entire procedure in a virtual environment while making any necessary adjustments before any incision is made. Then, the Mako system assists in performing your surgery for the most precise procedure possible.

Don’t let your knee and hip pain hold you back any longer.

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