The future of surgery is here, and it can make your knee and hip pain history.

No Other Joint Replacement Technology Can Match Mako's Accuracy

Baptist Health-Little Rock and Baptist Health-North Little Rock utilize a highly advanced surgical technology offering, Mako Smart Robotics surgery system, that transforms the way joint replacement surgery is performed. Baptist Health was the first healthcare system in Central Arkansas to begin utilizing the Mako system. Mako is the most innovative robotic system currently available for joint replacement surgery for both partial, total knee replacement and hip replacement procedures. 

Number of Mako Procedures


4 Reasons To Choose Mako Smart Robotics

1. Less Pain

Mako technology is designed to relieve pain caused by joint degeneration. Through CT-based 3D modeling of bone anatomy, surgeons can use the Mako system to create a personalized surgical plan and identify the implant size, orientation and alignment based on each patient’s unique anatomy. The Mako system also enables surgeons to virtually modify the surgical plan intra-operatively and assists the surgeon in executing bone resections. Using Mako, these new surgical capabilities result in less pain for the patient.

2. Quicker Recovery Time

Baptist Health’s innovative orthopedic technology offering, Mako Smart Robotics, is a surgeon-guided robotic-arm that utilizes your specific anatomy to lock in precise incisions to deliver the highest quality results. During surgery, Mako matches up the live procedure with a 3D model of the area. This allows for live limb-tracking of the patient’s actual anatomy with their CT scan. When the surgeon is balancing gaps and adjusting the virtual components, they are extremely accurate.  By using the Mako system for joint replacement surgery, the patient will be able to more quickly return to the activities of daily living.

3. Smaller Incision

Using the Mako robot’s pinpoint accuracy, the robot guides the surgeon to create smaller points of entry for your joint replacement procedure. The system is designed to create the most predictable surgery, which decreases chances of infection and greatly minimizes scarring after your procedure.

4. Shorter Hospital Stay

Baptist Health is always working to provide solutions to increase positive outcomes of orthopedic surgery by offering the latest technology to patients. Mako is the latest, most innovative joint replacement technology available. This cutting-edge technology means spending less time in the hospital and more time enjoying living life. 


Mako for Total Hip Replacement

The Mako total hip procedure is for adults who suffer from degenerative joint disease of the hip. During surgery, your surgeon follows a personalized surgical plan while preparing the bone for the implant. The robotic-arm is guided within the pre-defined area and the Mako system, providing a more accurate placement and alignment of the implant.


Mako for Total Knee Replacement

The Mako total knee is a knee replacement treatment option designed to alleviate the pain caused by joint degeneration due to osteoarthritis. Through CT-based 3D modeling of bone anatomy, surgeons can use the Mako Robotics System to develop a personalized surgical plan and identify the implant size, orientation and alignment based on each patient’s unique anatomy.


Mako for Partial Knee Replacement

The Mako partial knee is a treatment option used to relieve the pain caused by joint degeneration due to osteoarthritis that has not yet progressed to all three compartments of the knee. Using Mako, surgeons are able to selectively target only the damaged part of the knee and spare the healthy bone and ligaments surrounding the knee joint.

Hear Success Stories From Our Mako Patients

"Having the knee surgery and the Mako robot replacement surgery is wonderful. It worked for me. I recommend it to anybody." -Lou

"I have competed for the last 30 years riding quarter horses and working cattle. I had gotten to where I couldn’t do that. Eight weeks after surgery, I was back on my horse, back to competing and feeling great." -Sammy

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Meet the Baptist Health Doctors That Are Performing Mako Today:

Baptist Health offers Mako Smart Robotics joint replacement procedures in Central Arkansas at Baptist Health-Little Rock and Baptist Health-North Little Rock. In addition to offering the latest technology for orthopedic procedures, Baptist Health also provides skilled physicians, surgeons and a compassionate care team. With access points across the state, experienced orthopedic care is never far with Baptist Health Orthopedic Center. 

Getting you moving starts with keeping you safe.

Our Baptist Health orthopedic specialists are scheduling in-person appointments as well as virtual visits when operationally and medically feasible. We seek to accommodate in-person patient care in the safest way possible. We’ve added additional safety measures to promote the safest, cleanest environment for our visitors, patients and employees. We thank you in advance for your understanding.