Success Stories

The best advocates for the care you can expect from Baptist Health are the patients themselves. Hear success stories from a few of our patients.

Suzy Oakley, Heart Condition Patient (2:39)

Suzy's route to finishing her first half marathon started with a serious heart condition. Now, along with her team at Baptist Health Heart Institute, she's proving you don't have to be invincible to be incredible. 

Cindy Huneycutt, Therapeutic Hypothermia Patient (7:14)

"How do you thank people for saving your life?" Cindy shares her story of faith, love and care.

Marty Parker, Cardiac Patient (2:51)

Marty overcame the odds and is back to living a healthy, normal lifestyle.

Frankie Walker, Heart Patient

Frankie Walker was born amazing, but not perfect. At an early age, he and his family realized that he had inherited a serious heart condition from his father – an enlarged heart that needed immediate attention.

Baptist Health implanted a pacemaker when Frankie was only 21. However, Frankie didn’t slow down. As a musician and rapper, he continued to perform on stage. But when his heart couldn’t stay in rhythm, Dr. John Ransom determined that he needed a Heartmate LVAD to assist him until a donated heart for transplant became available.

As he waits for a heart donor, Frankie continues to write lyrics and enjoy spending time with his children. “Seeing them running, jumping, and playing – that’s what keeps me going,” says Frankie. “They’re my motivation.”

Robert Clary, Heart Patient

As a second-generation professional logger, Robert is no stranger to using his strength to get the job done. So when a weak heart threatened to bring him down, he found the strength to fight back.

It all started with a heart attack and 8 stents placed in 1992. Then, in 1999, Robert underwent a triple bypass surgery and eventually received a pacemaker/cardioverter defibrillator implant in hopes of getting his heart healthy. But nothing seemed to work.

As his health continued to worsen, his kidneys and liver began to shut down. That’s when he turned to Drs. Steve Hutchins and John Ransom at the Baptist Health Transplant Institute for help. They recommended Robert receive a left ventricular assist device (LVAD) to help with his worsening condition.

Thankfully, it was just the thing he needed, and Robert began to show improvement.

Before receiving the LVAD, Robert was confined to his home because it was just too tiring to take even a few steps outside. Now he can do yard work, feed his dogs, and most importantly, go deer hunting.

"I thought it was over for me, but with the LVAD, I'm alive and I have more energy," says Robert. "I thank God that they came out with this device."