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Baptist Health Best Friends Program



Best Friends is a progressive group of community-minded individuals who are committed to changing and improving lives through the collective resources of its members.



  • Cultivate philanthropic leaders
  • Create a substantial donation through collective donations
  • Make an impact




In 2011, Baptist Health Foundation launched a new program for individuals who want to make a meaningful impact on families whose babies are in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Baptist Health- Little Rock.

The Best Friends program recruited a group of community leaders to make annual philanthropic contributions that funded two hotel rooms at the Plaza Hotel, located just across the street from the hospital campus.  Families with babies facing weeks or months in the hospital after birth have literally been taken from sleeping in cars and in waiting rooms to their own hotel rooms and beds, thanks to the support of this program and its members.

Matt Bodson and his family recently benefitted from a stay in one of the rooms provided by the program.  "It really was a humbling thing to have someone walk in the door and say 'we can take care of that,' especially with a 3-year-old there's so many loose ends that we were trying to figure out how to put together.  That's one less thing we'd have to worry about."- Matt Bodson, 2013 Best Friends Program

Click here to read more about the Bodson family's experience and other inspirational BHF stories, or visit our Video Gallery to watch a video featuring the Cunninghams, another family that recently benefitted from Best Friends.

Our goal in 2013 is to increase membership and expand the program.  In 2012, the percentage of families with babies in our NICU that live in rural areas was 60%.  That number has increased by 20% in the last two years.  We hope to raise more funds for this program so that we may have additional rooms to offer and help more families in the future.


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