Emerging Technologies

Baptist Health 24/7 Care Clinic

Emerging clinical and communications technology is changing the way health care is delivered, and Baptist Health is committed to making innovation a major part of its everyday culture.

Baptist Health has created new ways for patients to access care by delivering it to them where they are through the use of new technology.

Serving patients close to home is especially beneficial in more rural areas of the state. By providing specialists in rural areas through telehealth programs, Baptist Health is able to elevate the level of care provided and the compliance of the patient. 

Virtual ICU

Baptist Health Intensive Care Units are monitored at night by a team of virtual Pulmonologists and RNs along with bedside Nurse Practitioners.


Infectious Disease

Provide infectious disease consults to inpatients located in Baptist facilities.


Nutrition Counseling

Baptist Health offers virtual nutritional counseling in all of its primary care clinics across the state.



Provides emergency department, inpatient, and outpatient clinic consults by mental-health providers.


Care Coordination

Provides care coordination services through social workers, nutritionists, health educators, RNs, Pharmacists and Physicians that can be reached in any of our Baptist Health primary care clinics across the state. 



Provides outpatient consults in select rural communities.

Translation Services

Virtual translation services are offered in all Baptist Health facilities.



Lactation visits can be done in an inpatient or outpatient setting including from a patient’s home. A lactation consultation with an RN IBCLC-certified lactation consultant from Baptist Health can help new mothers overcome the barriers to successful breastfeeding by providing assistance with positioning and technique, recognizing the signs of effective feeding, assistance with breast-pump setup, and answers  to common breastfeeding questions. 



Provides wound consults to the inpatient setting and in-home setting (via Baptist Health Home Health Network).



Provides inpatient pulmonary consults to Baptist Health hospitals.


NICU Live Streaming

The NICU Live Streaming system uses a camera placed at the baby’s bedside so that parents and other family members who can’t be at the NICU can view the baby 24 hours a day by logging into a secure account from their laptop, tablet, or smart phone. This system helps promote bonding between parents and their premature babies, who sometimes have to stay in the hospital for weeks or months.