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Ehtesham Zahoor, MD

Estesham Zahoor MD
9601 Baptist Health Dr.
Little Rock, AR 72205

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(501) 955-4530



(501) 955-4540

Ehtesham Zahoor, MD

Dr. Zahoor enjoys outdoor sports including playing cricket and soccer. He was the captain of his university team and won several man of the tournament awards. He also likes nature and therefore he enjoys hiking and biking as well.

As a physician, my ideology revolves around practicing evidence-based medicine and providing comprehensive and patient centered care. It is my priority to establish a good doctor-patient relationship and for that empathy, trust, and strong communication are my pillars. I use a multidisciplinary approach where I collaborate with various healthcare professionals to ensure my patients get all round care.
Last but not the least I am always there to listen, support, and guide them throughout their healthcare journey to obtain wellness.


Baptist Health-UAMS, Little Rock AR.


ACLS Certified.
PALS Certified.
BLS Certified.

Degree Origin

Liaquat College Of Medicine and Dentistry

Practicing Specialties

Internal Medicine

Practicing Health Concerns

Internal Medicine