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Devon Hughes, PA


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Devon Hughes, PA

Devon Hughes, PA finds enjoyment in outdoor activities like nature walks and soaking up the sun, as well as cherishing moments spent with family. In her free time, she appreciates exploring thrift shops, delving into a good book, and lifting weights regularly, as it contributes to her overall well-being and happiness.

I’d like to prioritize healthcare through effective communication and prevention. By fostering open dialogue and collaboration, I empower patients to be active participants in their care. I advocate for preventative measures and clear, transparent communication to promote optimal health and well-being. My approach is grounded in compassion, expertise, accessibility, and advocacy, ensuring that patients receive the highest quality of care tailored to their individual needs and goals.

Overall, I want my patients to feel confident and supported in their healthcare journey, knowing they have a compassionate and knowledgeable partner at their side.

History of assisting in Cath Lab with heart caths, stents, pacemaker/defibrillators, arterial femoral runoff procedures. Currently doing pre and post op procedural care, OR assistance. Sees patients for pulmonary issues, cardiac issues as well as coronary artery disease. Also monitors and provides treatment for aneurysm, peripheral artery disease and medication management.



Degree Origin

Northeastern State University

Practicing Specialties

Cardiovascular Surgery

Practicing Health Concerns

Heart Disease