Congregational Health Partnership

Our Covenant

I agree to partner with Baptist Health to address congregational/community health concerns and disparities. I commit my participation and my congregation’s participation in the Congregational Health Partnership as stated in the following Covenant:

Baptist Health Agrees to the Following:

  • Provide wellness events and programs for clergy and their congregations
  • Provide a dedicated Baptist Health employed liaison assigned to work with partner congregations to coordinate care and help train members on the partnership activities with the congregation.
  • Work with expert partners to help assess, plan and build the education, prevention, intervention, treatment, and aftercare support that will be appropriate to the partnership congregations.
  • Provide ongoing support, training, and appropriate resources for the partnership with the Partner Clergy.
  • Partner to monitor, review, and expand the Congregational Health Partnership (CHP).

Clergy Agree to:

  • Provide ongoing leadership to monitor, review, and expand the CHP in their congregations and as an outreach to their communities.
  • Extend an outreach opportunity for members/neighbors to be informed of the program and benefits and to become active participants.
  • Assign an appropriate number of Congregation Care Coordinators based on congregation size and member participation to facilitate the program.
  • Continue to support the partnership in prayer and worship to become instruments of God’s restorative power for health and wholeness in our community.