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Choosing the Right Pediatrician

Choosing a Pediatrician

We read all the right books about our pregnancy, sometimes before we’re even pregnant. We can pretty much recite, verbatim, what’s happening at any stage in pregnancy. But what about after childbirth? What do we do when we bring our bundle of joy home? What do we do when we no longer have that magic call button?

Heaven knows that car seat installation should have been an indication of the complexity of parenthood. And that actually came with instructions!

One of our greatest allies/support team/shoulders to cry on is our pediatrician and their staff. You will be as close as family by the time your child is too old to sit in their waiting room. Maybe closer.

You may not be able to choose your family, but you can research, interview and then choose your pediatrician. And you should. It’s not something we thought about when choosing our own primary care physician; we may have chosen based on location, insurance coverage or whoever was open when you thought you caught the plague. But visits to the pediatrician are much more frequent and after all, this is your baby we’re talking about. You want to LOVE that man or woman and everyone in their office. It will reduce your stress when you do have a sick baby and in turn, reduce your child’s stress. Being sick is not fun for anyone and it’s harder on a mom to see her little one suffering. It helps to have someone you trust and respect caring for him or her.

So start asking everyone you know who their pediatrician is or was and what they liked or disliked about them and their staff. Narrow it down from there either by location or insurance if necessary, then start calling! Most physicians are more than happy to take a few minutes to meet with you and answer whatever questions you have to help you make the right choice for you and your newborn.

If you need help, Baptist Health HealthLine would be glad to help you. Call BAPTIST (227-8478) or 1-888-BAPTIST. You can even go to our website and search our physicians online!