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BHealthy Exercise – Yoga

Yoga is a holistic form of exercise that involves a series of poses, meditation periods and breathing exercises. This combination of body, mind and breath both challenges and creates harmony within the body.

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The Final Push: Marathon Prep

The Little Rock Marathon is less than a month away, and you want to make sure your countless hours of training pay off. As we enter the final few weeks before the big race, it’s important to make a few key preparations to ensure race day goes off without a hitch.

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Three Amazing Outdoor Outings in Little Rock

A day in Little Rock leaves you with a lot of options on how to spend your time. Do you bike down the river trail in the morning? Do you spend your morning strolling through the River Market? Should you take a walk across the Junction Bridge to see the Clinton Presidential Library? Your options are endless, but we’ve compiled a list of what should be your top three destinations when spending a beautiful day outdoors.


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Keeping Kids Sports Safe and Healthy

Now that school is back in session, sports teams are kicking off all across the state. Participating in sports can increase physical coordination, fitness and self-esteem. Team sports like football and baseball teach children and teens about teamwork and self-discipline. So when is your child ready to participate? Age and size shouldn’t be the only measures; if they express a strong interest and you feel they can handle it, schedule your child for a sports physical to determine if they’re healthy enough to get in the game. These physicals can reveal physical strengths and weaknesses of your child and help you avoid unnecessary injuries that could occur if they participate in a sport they are not fit for.

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Tips for Exercising in Arkansas’ Winter

When winter weather moves into Arkansas, it can be hard to make it to the gym or go for that morning run. Thankfully, Arkansas doesn’t get as much snow and ice as other states, so with the right preparation you should be able to safely exercise outside in spite of the temperature.

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