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3 Exercises to Do While Traveling

During the Christmas holiday, many of us will travel to see friends and family. We’ll be having lots of delicious food and staying warm. However, amongst all our Christmas cheer and travel we sometimes forget to take care of our bodies.

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3 Ejercicios Para Hacer Mientras Está de Viaje

Durante las vacaciones de Navidad, muchos de nosotros viajaremos para ver a amigos y familiares. Tendremos mucha comida deliciosa y nos mantendremos calientes. Sin embargo, entre toda nuestra alegría navideña y nuestros viajes, a veces nos olvidamos de cuidar nuestro cuerpo.

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How to Exercise Safely in the Arkansas Heat

We love that Arkansas is sunny and bright; but we know that sometimes, bright sunshine means temperatures soaring above one hundred. While we definitely encourage outdoor exercise here at Baptist Health, we want everyone to be aware and educated about safe habits when you’re outside in the heat. 

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