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Natalie's Baby Blog - Kendall Arrives!

Baby yawning

April 20-31

We thought we would be ready to go home but since the delivery was a little rough on us we stayed a little longer. Kendall and my blood were not compatible and crossed over in the placenta at some point, so by the 20th, she had started to show jaundice. We had to send her to the nursery to receive UV treatment for a full day and night. I only got to have her for 30 minutes for feedings every 3 hours. Even though I knew she was going to be alright, it was still rough having her be away from us during that time. I knew she was alone in her little bed with her little eyes covered and I was worried she was scared.

We also used a product called the Miracle Blanket while we were in the hospital to calm Kendall when she was inconsolable. It really is a miracle; it’s easy to use, soft and really does what it claims to do. When Kendall would come to us sometimes from her little UV bed in the nursery she was so fussy and upset. She could only wear a diaper in the UV bed, and once we wrapped her up in this she would calm down and we could finish our feedings and have some pleasant mommy baby time before she had to go back to the nursery.

Baby in blanket

I was discharged on April 21, but stayed as a roomed in mom because they kept Kendall until her blood work showed an improvement. While this was going on, I was also having problems getting Kendall to latch in the hospital. Everything was great the first few days, but when she was sick we ended up having to supplement formula with the breast milk. I knew we had to do it to get her blood levels back to normal, so we would feed her, then I would pump for 15 minutes, then they would supplement the formula in the nursery after all that to be sure that her bilirubin levels where coming down. The more her body could process the food the better the chances for her levels to decrease with every diaper. Our nurses, doctor, pediatrician, lactation consultations, the NICU Team, and the anesthesia group were all wonderful. Finally, by Friday April 22nd, Kendall was discharged to go home.

We were so nervous, in the hospital we had all these experienced hands to help! Nervous may not be a big enough word for what we were experiencing. Especially since we had to go back to the doctor on Monday to have her levels checked again. If they were not up from over the weekend, she would have to be re-admitted. So for the whole weekend we continued to breastfeed, pump, and supplement. By Monday, she was checked out by the pediatrician and everything was good. The pediatrician gave us formula samples to use until my milk comes in fully.

Breast pump kit

I have been using my Pump in Style pump by Medela since we have come home and it is great. We used the Medela Symphony pump while I was in the hospital and it was simple to use and easy too. The Pump in Style comes in a travel bag that does not look like a pump at all, and it’s very compact, so it will be easy for me to take to work and use.  My milk supply has been hard for me to get to come up, so we will continue to follow the pediatrician’s advice and supplement until we get it all on track. I was told that some women just take a little longer to get up to pace. Me especially since we have to use bottles and the pump so early. I would have liked to have followed what the normal breastfeeding protocol calls for, but when your child is sick, you do what the doctors tell you to do to get them well. The breast pump has been a life saver for us as well. It has enabled my husband to help me with feedings since I had a pretty rough week after we got home. I was told by one nurse that my delivery was about equivalent to what someone who has had a c-section goes through. Kendall‘s shoulders were too wide and she would not have come out without a little additional assistance from the doctor. So, I healed a little slower than I anticipated. Without that pump, I wouldn’t have been able to get enough rest to heal up in the amount of time I did. The pump is really easy to assemble and disassemble. We have been washing the pieces and steaming them in the sterilizer bags. I also have been using the Medela nipple lanolin gel, the Medela hydrogels, and the Medela nipple pads between feedings. These products really helped me with the transition and made it so much more comfortable for me.

My Brestfriend

I also bought the My Brestfriend (not a typo, it’s the brand name) breastfeeding pillow and it makes a world of difference for feedings. It was not convenient for when I was in the hospital because my tummy was so sore, but when I got home, it was awesome for positioning and comfort for me and for Kendall too.

I got all of these products tax-free from the Baptist Health Expressly for You store.

Another great thing that has helped me in the transition has been the Warm Line, a free service provided by Baptist Health. Need breastfeeding advice? E-mail any questions to jessica.donahue@baptist-health.orgor call the Breastfeeding Warm Line at (501) 202-7378.

We are doing well and learning as we go, I will have more updates for you soon! Baby Kendall is a doll and we are enjoying every minute of being with her. She truly is the love of our lives, with my little toes and her daddy’s full head of hair and cowlicks, to us she is perfect. Now, let’s see if we can teach her the difference in night and day over the next couple of months!! Ha! That Miracle Blanket has been a lifesaver for the times she is fussy, gassy, and just right out fighting sleep, I highly recommend it.

April 18-19

We arrived at the hospital at 6:00 a.m. and got checked in and ready to go. I got the induction medicine about 8:00 a.m. and contractions started a while after. The doctor came in and broke my water around 9:00a.m. and we just had to wait from there. I got my epidural around midday, and we were waiting again. Around 12:00 a.m. I finally started dilating enough to get ready to push! I started pushing around 1:00 a.m. on April 19, (her actual due date) and pushed for two hours and she arrived at 3:05 a.m.!

Man holding baby

Kendall Diana Cannady was born at 3:05 a.m. at 9lbs 7oz and 21 and half inches long! Whew!! Was I exhausted and I know she was too! I was running a little bit of a fever so the NICU team was there on deck for when she arrived. They took her over to the side and started getting her cleaned up and checked over. I was so anxious to see her, but since I had a fever I had to wait just a little bit longer so they could be sure she was fine. She was good and I got her right away! As soon as they checked me after delivery my fever was gone too. So mommy and baby were both good!

April 16-17

I just got the call from the doctor! A spot opened up in the induction schedule for April 18th at 6:00 a.m. I’m so nervous! I can’t believe I actually know when everything will start and I will hold her in my arms soon. I’m still scared and nervous and I don’t know what to expect. We will see soon.

April 1-15

We are almost there. I cannot see my feet, even though I really don’t want to for how big they are, I cannot reach them either. Dayton tied my shoes for me in a special way so that I can put them on myself, thank goodness. I am increasingly tired, but I think what I am the most tired of are the comments. People really don’t think before they open their mouths. I have had so many people stop me in the halls and say, “oh, you haven’t had that baby yet!?” or “man, you look like you are going to pop!” Just a clue, these are not polite phrases and you are treading on dangerous territory when you say these types of phrases to a pregnant woman. Luckily, I have my Mother’s kind heart and didn’t express to them exactly how rude they really are. I have been dilated to a 1 and 50-60% effaced, and with every appointment I grow more and more anxious. I am ready to see her, but at the same time I am scared. Scared of the unknown, and scared to see if I am really tough enough for this mentally and physically. I got a Medela Pump and Style Pump for when Kendall is here, her nursery is ready, or so I think it is. Now, I just have to wait. In my last appointment, we went ahead and set up for an induction for the day after her due date just in case. The doctor said he thought she might be around 8lbs, but we will see. If they can get in me in sooner, they will let me know. For right now, her birthday might be April 20th.