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Natalie's Baby Blog - February part 2

Pregnancy Classes

February 16-28

We finished all of our baby classes!! Whoo hooo! I feel smarter. I’m so afraid I’m going to forget everything I’ve learned due to pregnancy brain though. Haha. Thank goodness they gave us reading material in every class. In the last night of childbirth class we learned about the different options as far as pain management for delivery, and the guys learned how to massage our backs during labor to help with each contraction. I was a little worried when she handed out all of these massage tools and the one she gave Dayton looked like a spiky torture device. It actually turned out ok, he did a good job. This class answered a lot of questions that I can’t ever remember to ask my doctor. I always leave his office and realize, I forgot to ask the main question I had! I sometimes would call the nurse, and she would help me out, but these classes really did help. I’m sure my doctor’s nurse is very glad I took them. Haha. The breastfeeding class went well. I learned a lot that I didn’t know about scheduling to make it easier on mom and baby. Also, I learned about different problems that people have and how they get around them to still breastfeed. So many people give up so quickly when they have one problem, but in class they talked about so many ways around each of them. I really hope that with their help I can stick it out and do this for Kendall. She deserves the best immune system I can give her. I’m going to give it my all. She went over various things about breast pumps and also talked about the store next door that sells them to you tax free! I also learned that breastfeeding products are also tax-deductible now! Isn’t that awesome? Just make sure you save your receipts!

I had my first baby shower this month also. It was put together by my aunt, grandmother, and my friends Molly and Amy. They did such a wonderful job! It was just the perfect day. Pink and purple everywhere, and Kendall got a lot of great gifts from everyone. I had family, and friends around me and I felt so very, very blessed. Even my cousin Emily drove down from college to come and she cooked for us too! She is a great cook! I was so happy; when the baby shower was over I didn’t want anyone to leave. Once I get some photos I will post them.

We also got thrown for a little bit of a loop that morning as well. My brother Anthony and sister-in-law Karen live in Jonesboro. Well at 4:00 a.m. the morning of the shower; Karen’s water broke! She and my brother welcomed baby Jacob Dean Sanders into the world that morning just a couple of hours later. She made it to the hospital and barely had enough time to get the epidural before he was already trying to come out! Karen had been dilated to a 4 and 100% effaced for 2 days prior, so we knew he was coming soon after her check ups but he was 3 weeks early from his due date. It was a very pleasant surprise. I’ll never forget his birthday that is for sure! That weekend was a whirlwind of happiness. We got to go to Jonesboro that night and got to hold him. He was so adorable and sweet. He made little noises while I held him, and I could feel Kendall kicking below. It was an awesome experience. He also sneezed every time someone different held him, which was so cute. Our family is so very, very blessed. Here is a picture of the little one with my dad and my favorite one as well. Papa Jerry is so proud and little Jacob is tired of photos after just a couple of days!

Man holding baby