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Natalie's Baby Blog - The Beginning

Baby on tummy

Natalie Cannady is a Fitness Coordinator at Baptist Health. She designs exercise programs, educates Baptist Health staff through seminars and lunches, and runs health and wellness programs here on campus. She's a certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine and has a Bachelors of Science degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Science and a minor in nutrition.

Oh - and she's pregnant.

So I asked her to keep a blog of her pregnancy to share her experience. She's gotten us caught up to this month and will continue to update us with the joys of pregnancy. And even those moments that don't feel so joyous.

September 26- October 2

The antibiotics did their job!! I am back at work. Still coughing and such but my body feels better! We had our second visit to Dr. Wyatt this week and everything is great! No ultrasound for a couple more weeks but the heart rate was 160 beats per minute. So we are still assuming that I am 11 weeks and two days. Everything is looking great and I am feeling much better. Dr. Wyatt gave me a few tips on some other things to try for my re-awakened heart burn that I haven’t had in years. Oh and here is a big tip, write down all of your questions for the doctor before you go, because you will get in there and hear the heartbeat and your brain will go to mush. Yes, even more mush that when you went in. Dayton and I are tossing names back and forth, he doesn’t like any of mine and I don’t like any of his. At least we agree to disagree. I’m experiencing a whole lot more chest tenderness now; morning, noon, and night. The emotional rollercoaster ride that everyone talks about has begun. I find myself getting misty-eyed watching anything sentimental, even if it’s the 7:00 o’clock news. I’ve been falling asleep a little bit later than before. I’ve been a little bit more energetic than in previous weeks. My house still looks like a tornado hit it but, it’s getting better. I’m able to come home and do a few chores, eat, and then crash out in the bed. Our next appointment is October 28. I will be 15 weeks along by then, wow; it is going to fly by. My friend Abby is due to deliver their first in December and she told me to slow it down and enjoy every minute because before you know it, it’s almost time to deliver. I think around 20 weeks I will have another ultrasound and hopefully, find out if it’s a boy or girl! I’ve been filling out my baby book - but slowly. I think my blog might actually help me remember some things to put in the book!

September 19-25

I have been promoted from princess of sniffles, to the queen of AHHCHOO! Extra Vitamin C, Fluids and rest. Saline nasal spray and my Neti Pot, have become my best friends. Arkansas, you would pick this year to have the worse ragweed overgrowth in years, maybe even in history! I find myself either waking up in the middle of the night to run to the bathroom, blow my nose, or because I’ve rolled over on my chest. Ouch! How’s a pregnant lady supposed to get some sleep around here!!! I’m having more and more food aversions. Things I once loved are now not my friend. I can’t even stand the smell of my house, my dog, my candles or anything. We ordered new mats at work for our gym and they were stored in our consultation office for a while. The smell of rubber was enough to have me running for the hills. I have gotten to the point that my lunch makes me so sleepy I can’t stand it. My eyes try to shut as soon as I’m finished. There have been days recently where I have taken my lunch to the other room shut the door and slept through my lunch! Thank you phone alarm clock! Everyone keeps telling me that the second trimester is so much better. Apparently, part of the reason you are so tired in your first trimester is because you are building the placenta that will nourish your baby for the rest of your pregnancy. Into the second trimester the placenta is developed, and you have energy again until the third. Let’s just hope this is true for me!

So, this week’s sneezing and coughing is apparently not unjustified. I have a sinus infection and bronchitis. I guess the first round of antibiotics didn’t kick it. Not only do I have these going on, they make the all day sickness worse. A couple days of rest and some stronger antibiotics from my doctor, let’s pray this time it knocks it out. If it doesn’t I could get pneumonia. L That would not be fun.

September 12-18

I’m still feeling good, not much morning sickness but still here and there. I actually am having cravings but I don’t know if they really are cravings or just the thought gets put in my head and then it is there the rest of the day. I really have been craving fruits, and juice. I have upped my consumption on both, especially anything citrus. I need the Vitamin C! I’m still princess sniffles at night. I bought a car seat/carrier/stroller system this week. It’s brown so it could be for a girl or a boy. One big expense out of the way and I got a huge deal on it. Many of my friends have asked me why I bought it so early, what if something happens. My reply is well if something happens, I’ll have it for a later date or I can sell it if I can’t handle seeing it emotionally.

Everything is going to be alright. I find myself praying at night and almost half asleep referring to the baby as a “she”. Hmm, I wonder if this is God telling me something. Dayton has started talking to the baby, well more like screaming at the poor child. I explained that babies ears weren’t developed enough, so he raised his voice. For such a smart man, he makes me laugh sometimes. He keeps telling the baby he loves it and that it has to be a boy because he doesn’t know what to do with a girl. I tell him he is pressuring the poor thing already! Next check up is September 30th!

September 5-11

Ultrasound this week on 9/02/10—We are measuring 7 weeks and 2 days! The heart rate was 157 and loud and clear. Dayton and I were amazed to actually see the heart pumping so fast! He kept asking the ultrasound tech if she was sure that there was only one in there. She said yes, only one! All other tests came back great, so here comes baby!


Since my brother and sister are a month a head of me they have started referring to the baby as Dot. My Father wanted me to call my baby Dash. I have a pretty silly family, myself included. We have started calling the baby Polka. So my Mom can worry about Polka and Dot together. Still feeling ok, I guess the antibiotics from last week helped, I’m still just so congested. Everything is measuring great so we couldn’t be happier!

August 29-September 4

One word describes this week, SICK! I have a sinus infection and morning sickness and all day sickness apparently. Everyone keeps telling me that morning sickness is a good sign, shows that my hormones are doing their job. I went to the doctor this week and got some really weak antibiotics to knock out this sinus infection. I sure hope these work, I cannot get bronchitis right now. That would not be fun! Everyone in the family is starting to get really excited. I am too, still a little worried though, I can’t deny it. I still worry that there is something wrong, I can’t shake it. September 9th, please hurry up!! I need some peace of mind.

August 22-28

Everything is still going good. I pretty much come home and eat dinner, watch a little bit of TV and then completely crash out. I never knew that I could be so tired at the end of the day without running in a race or marathon! There are some times that I get the food in my tummy and feel myself nodding off before I’ve gotten up to put up my dishes. Wow!

I usually suffer from allergy attacks but this is unreal! Did you know that the inside of your nose can swell up at night? Neither did I, until this week. It took me by surprise but all of my other friends that have children have said the same thing happened to them. I have been sleeping with Vicks Vapor Rub on my nose every night this week! I called my OBGYN to get the ok on what medicines I can and cannot take for all of this congestion. I’m sorry ladies, there isn’t much out there that is safe for us pregnant ladies to take. It’s time to heat a cup of water add lemon juice and honey and breathe it in and drink it down. Everything is still good this week. I noticed a little bit of tenderness in my chest this week, I know that is only supposed to get worse. My sister-in-law who is a month a head of me with her first child is trying to give me a heads up on what’s coming. Thank goodness for her.

August 15-21

I’m feeling great, still no real symptoms of the pregnancy except for fatigue. I’m beginning to wonder. Is there a baby in there? Was it a false positive? I don’t see the doctor for the ultrasound until September 9th. Could it be an ectopic pregnancy? Many of my friends have been struggling to get pregnant; could this be too good to be true? I started regretting telling even the close friends and family that we had told. My Aunt Vanessa told me, “It’s better for everyone you care about to know and go through the sadness with you and know why if something happened. You don’t want to go through something like that alone.” It made a lot of sense and I relaxed a little bit.

Pregnancy Brain is a term that some baby books talk about and for me this has been 100% accurate. Stressed, worried and forgetful have been my three to battle. I actually left the back door to our house open all day after letting my dogs go in the backyard one morning. It was hot this week. My electricity bill was a little bit up from that. Not only that, I tried to set the alarm when I left and it wouldn’t let me. That should have tipped me off that something was open. No, sure didn’t. I overrode the code from my iPhone and set the alarm manually. So had someone walked into my house to take something, at least it would have called the police anyways. My best advice in early pregnancy is to make yourself notes, on everything and everywhere. You will be surprised at how many times you walk into a room and forget why you are there, or stare at your computer at work and think, “I know I’m supposed to be doing something.”

Other than that I have been doing well!

August 13, 2010

So, it was really hard to hold in this information. I wanted to tell everyone! I knew that I should wait to tell people until we saw the doctor for the first ultrasound. My first appointment is September 9th. How on earth can I wait that long? So, Dayton and I decide to tell family and close friends only. I tell my co-worker Jeremy this afternoon so that if I get sick or have to go to the doctor, at least one person knows why. We tell some of our closest friends and family that evening, but the best part for me was telling my parents. My brother and sister-in-law had just found out they were pregnant one month before and I got to see my Mom’s reaction because she just happened to be visiting me that weekend, and we were out to dinner. She was so happy, screaming into her cell phone while Dayton, my sister Jennifer, and I sat there not know what was going on. Their child will be my parent’s first grandchild. So, when it was time to tell my parents, I was actually pretty sad. They live three hours away and I would not get to see my mom jump up and down with joy. Then it hit me. My Aunt Vanessa, who lives in Little Rock, was down visiting my Grandmother and family. So, I call her first, even just an eyewitness account at this point or a cell phone video would make me happy. Vanessa actually just happened to have her video camera with her. So I call my Mom and Dad and My Aunt catches their reactions on film. Priceless! Mom almost flipped backwards in her chair and Dad didn’t know what was going on at first until everyone in the room had caught on. So, mission accomplished, now time to just slow down and wait. At this point I’m feeling fine, just tired and forgetting things.

August 12, 2010

It all started with me not feeling great; tired and just dragging everywhere. I had been complaining to my mom and she urged me to go a head and take a test. At 7:00 a.m. my husband Dayton gets up and gets ready for work and wakes me up too. He hurries out the door, he has already forgotten that I was going to take a test that morning, and I almost did too! I took the test and before I could even put it down on the counter it was positive. Having no children, this being the first time seeing this reaction, I panic! The shower was running the dogs were barking and I forgot where I was for a moment. This is really it. Wow, we are pregnant. Dayton and I have been married for right at two years when I took that test. Well Happy Anniversary honey, my gift was free but will cost a lot in the long run, ha ha.

I finally gather myself and call Dayton at work. I tell him the news and ask him what I do now! Of course his first answer is, “Well! Be happy, that’s what we do!”  I hear his answer but again, I ask, “No really, what do I do. Who do I call first?” Now it’s his turn to panic, “Well, I don’t know” he says. So, I decide to call my OBGYN, Dr. Wyatt at the Arkansas Women’s Center to schedule an appointment and then I call my rheumatologist’s office, Dr. Holt at Little Rock Diagnostic to schedule an appointment as well. I get immediately in at Dr. Holt’s office for blood work to make sure that with my history that I don’t need to be on steroids to protect the baby’s heart during pregnancy. Everything comes back good, so no steroids and no additional worry for now, thank goodness. Also, I had already been taking my prenatal vitamins for months just in case this were to happen. My rheumatologist preferred that I be on prenatal vitamins, Vitamin D because I was low, calcium, and my OBGYN had me add in folic acid. I also take a DHA fish oil supplement and a probiotic that was approved by my OBGYN. Now, this is just what I needed to take, please consult your physician about the vitamins you need to take pre-pregnancy, during, and even after pregnancy.