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Simple Exercises that Keep Seniors Active

Regular physical activity keeps you amazing at any age. Linda Mahnker can attest to the benefits of staying active as an older adult. After suffering from osteoarthritis, Linda had two hip replacements only five months apart. She started exercising before her first surgery and continued to do so after both hip replacements, crediting exercise as part of her successful recovery. In the following videos, Linda and Baptist Health trainer Jeremy Ray demonstrate exercises that keep seniors active.

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BHealthy Exercise – CrossFit

While exercise is integral to your overall health, fitness regimens can often become monotonous and boring. If you’re looking for a high-intensity, varied workout, CrossFit could be right for you. The immersive fitness program is known for enhancing lifestyles. From its constantly changing workouts to its strong sense of community, CrossFit can help you live your most amazing life.

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