Eat Well

4 Ways Coffee May Improve Your Health

The truth is that coffee consumption is implicit in our daily routines. On National Coffee Day, here are four health benefits of this popular drink and the reasons why you should drink coffee in moderation.

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Qué Comer Para Bajar Su Colesterol

Todos necesitamos algo de colesterol de lo que comemos para que nuestro cuerpo funcione correctamente. Pero es importante encontrar un equilibrio saludable. ¿Qué hábitos saludables para el corazón son los mejores?

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Wild About Watermelon: Recipes & Top Health Benefits

From hydration to better workout performance, the benefits of this fruit are very diverse. On National Watermelon Day, let’s see some of the healthy benefits of eating this fruit, helpful tips on how to pick the sweetest, recommendations to store it and two delicious recipe ideas to include in your daily diet.

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