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Best Trails in Arkansas

We love to brag about Arkansas being the Natural State. So if you’re looking for incredible outdoor adventures to get your heart pumping, Baptist Health has compiled a list of incredible trails in Arkansas that are for beginners, families and pro hikers. 

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2 Foolproof Fall Recipes That Your Family Will Love

As summer drifts away, we’re all excited for the cozy Autumnal weather. Flavors of cinnamon, earthy vegetables and hot comfort food start to resurface once again. Baptist Health has crafted 2 incredibly flavorful and healthful fall recipes for your family to start the season off right.

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Tips for a Healthy Prostate

Prostate cancer may not be pleasant to think about, but with an estimated 1,300 Arkansas men to likely be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year alone, you can’t afford not to. Follow the tips below to help keep your prostate healthy and minimize your risk of cancer.

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A Simple Way to Keep the Flu Away

The flu can make people of any age sick. Although most people are sick with the flu for only a few days, some have a much more serious illness. Getting a flu shot is the best way to avoid getting sick. Read more about flu shot facts.

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What You Can Do to Help Prevent Sepsis

Sepsis can be caused by any type of infection: bacterial, viral, fungal, or even parasitic. Learn what you can do to prevent infection.

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Your Baby and Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding well

A baby who breastfeeds well cues (shows readiness) for feedings, is in a good feeding position, latches-on (attaches) deeply at the breast, and moves milk forward from the breast and into his or her mouth. It is also comfortable for the mother. 

Feeding cues

A baby has to wake up and let his or her mother know that he or she wants to eat. This is called showing feeding cues. A baby should show he or she is hungry 8 to 12 times in a 24-hour period. Watch your baby and begin breastfeeding when you see your baby:

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How to Exercise Safely in the Arkansas Heat

We love that Arkansas is sunny and bright; but we know that sometimes, bright sunshine means temperatures soaring above one hundred. While we definitely encourage outdoor exercise here at Baptist Health, we want everyone to be aware and educated about safe habits when you’re outside in the heat. 

Here’s why we care: exercising in heat puts extra stress on your body and increases your core temperature. If you do not take the appropriate precautions, consistently exercising in heat can cause serious illnesses like heat exhaustion, heat cramps, exercise-associated collapses, or heat stroke. 

Here is what you can do to be prepared:

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Vascular Dementia Explained

Vascular dementia is a neurocognitive condition that causes a decline in cognitive function like other types of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s. Unlike other forms of dementia though, vascular dementia develops when the brain is deprived of oxygen and key nutrients for an extended period of time. This can happen after a stroke, or be caused by any incident or disorder that damages blood vessels or reduces circulation. Read on to learn more about vascular dementia, key risk factors and treatment.

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How to Dispose of Medication

If you’ve noticed old bottles of pills rattling around in your medicine cabinets, this is a friendly reminder to dispose all expired, old, unwanted medication as soon as you can. We want to ensure that old or unused medication is not accidentally ingested or intentionally used for purposes unrelated to the original prescription.

In case you didn’t know, there’s a right way to dispose of old and unused medicine. The following are some ways to dispose of medication:

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Remain Positive - No Matter What

Baptist Health chaplain Kay Hardin shares ideas on staying healthy and positive as we take care of ourselves, families, finances, and have fun this summer.

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