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5 Kid-Approved Healthy Summer Recipes

5 Kid-Approved Healthy Summer Recipes

Children are more likely to gain weight during the summer compared to school months, and increased amounts of sugary, calorie-laden treats are often to blame. Instead of traditional snacks and quick meals, try whipping up the healthy recipes below. Each is simple to make, offers plenty of nutritional benefits and tastes just as indulgent as most of your children’s favorite summer staples.

Pineapple Smoothie

Bring a taste of the tropics home with this simple, refreshing summer treat. Though it only requires three ingredients, this smoothie packs a major nutritional punch, offering substantial doses of vitamin C, manganese and protein.

Tortilla Pizzas

This dish combines two notoriously unhealthy yet kid-friendly meals – tacos and pizza. But instead of being laden with cheese and white flour, this recipe offers a full cup of vegetables in each serving. Trust us though, it’s so delicious your kids won’t have any idea.

Mac and Cheese

Most kids love macaroni and cheese, but many recipes and store-bought versions are full of unhealthy fat and preservatives. Next time your kids request this classic for lunch, whip up this lighter version as a healthy alternative.

Baked Apple with Ice Cream

Nothing beats apple pie in the summer, but it often contains unhealthy amounts of sugar and white refined flour. These warm, cinnamon dusted baked apples topped with vanilla ice cream slash the sugar content without sacrificing any flavor. 

Pink Lemonade

Summer isn’t complete without an occasional ice-cold glass of lemonade. Skip the sugar-heavy store-bought options and make this simple yet refreshing recipe instead – it provides a powerful dose of both vitamin C and antioxidants.

You can help your kids maintain a healthy weight and let them enjoy their favorite summer treats – all it takes are the right recipes. Get more recipes ideas to keep your kids happy and healthy all summer long.